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by Taylor & Josh on January 24, 2010

Wow, the response to our Free Giveaway has been AMAZING! We’ve  had people leaving comments left and right and as of the moment I’m typing this post up we have 99 comments. We have no doubt that we will surpass the 100 mark within the hour. It seems as if every time we approve a comment another one shows up waiting to be approved and that is really cool.

We knew that some people would comment to receive a free course, but we NEVER guessed we would get this type of response from our course.

We have been reading many of the different comments as we approve them and all we can say is that we’re  going to have a really hard time just choosing two winners. We will start going through them in detail a little later this evening so we can make our final decision.  So if you want a chance to get our Instant and Rapid Inductions Home Study Course, TRANCED OUT then you need to act fast. We will announce the winners of this contest tomorrow!

In the meantime, we wanted to update you with some fantastic news. As most of you know our main course is finished and ready to ship once orders are placed, but we’ve been talking behind the scenes on how to provide even more value to all of you. So over the last few days we’ve been in talks with a couple of people you may know in an attempt to make TRANCED OUT even cooler. As we mentioned in previous videos and post everyone who orders TRANCED OUT will receive some pretty cool bonuses, but that’s not enough for us.

So we are happy to announce that we have added even more BONUSES to the pot!

So, let’s see who was nice enough to supply us with even more cool content for you to enjoy along with your future purchase of TRANCED OUT.

  • Nathan Thomas – Nathan Thomas is the creator of the popular Hypnosis Blog, Keys To The Mind and is a talented Hypnotist, Author and Speaker. Nathan is also the c0-founder of The International Association of Teenage Hypnotist, which is the first certification organization for teenagers interested in becoming Certified Hypnotists.
  • Matt Sison – Matt Sison is known to many as the heir to the throne of Stephen Parkhill, the author of the amazing book, ‘Answer Cancer’. Matt and his business partner Randy Shaw are considered to be two of the top leading experts in the field of Regression Hypnotherapy, which is one of the most powerful hypnotherapy techniques in our opinion.  Beside being an author and dynamic speaker Matt also received the first annual International 5-Path Hypnosis leadership award presented by Cal Banyan and is personally recommended by Eric Robins, M.D., author of the book ‘YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU”
  • William May– William May is an expert on covert and conversational Hypnosis as well as persuasion and influence tactics. William has been featured on a number of different hypnosis projects recently including the recent release of The Confident Hypnotist program by Nathan Thomas. William is well known for his unique blend of Hypnosis and story telling that tends to blur the lines of reality.

Obviously it wasn’t easy to get these three to agree to provide bonuses as they are all quite busy with their own projects at the moment.

Now you may be asking what these bonuses  have to do with inductions? The answer is nothing really.

Our goal for TRANCED OUT is to help you gain an unconscious mastery of Instant and Rapid Inductions, but our goal for the long term is to help make you better Hypnotists, plain and simple. So we are working hard to connect you with the people who we feel can best serve that purpose.

Seriously, these three people have provided some really great bonuses which will be revealed soon in an up and coming video. These bonuses will be made available to everyone who purchases TRANCED OUT when it goes live on Jan 29th 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

NOTE: Don’t forgot to come back tomorrow to discover if you are one of the lucky winners of TRANCED OUT and we will also have another awesome free video for you on Jan 26th which you won’t want to miss.

As always if you get on the Pre-Interest List you will receive an e-mail every time we post an update to the blog. You will also receive early access to the opening of TRANCED OUT and early access to the FAST ACTION BONUSES which we will be mentioning soon.

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1 Jessica January 24, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Great job guys thanks for all of the new stuff


2 Peter Spezzo January 24, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Wow, I love Matt Sison… is this for real?


3 Jon Lewis January 24, 2010 at 5:06 pm

cool thanks for the new stuff


4 Steven Lucas January 25, 2010 at 4:34 am

Steven Lucas, Burnham on Sea, Somerset, UK

Hoping to break into the Stage Hypnosis game,
Where great Instant Inductions can add to your fame,
So c’mon guys gimme a chance to win.
(I promise I won’t use these techniques to sin).

I’ve got basic techniques, I can induce a trance,
I know I can make my audience dance.
But with your great system, it’ll be quick as a flash.
They’ll be under so fast, it may cause a rash.

So many thanks for reading, Thanks for giving me a shot,
I’ll make the time to study, the whole blinking lot.
Then soon you’ll see my name, I’ll be in the spotlight.
Instant Inductions, playing tonight!


5 Doug Morrison January 25, 2010 at 8:56 am

Bet the two of you are getting a real kick out of this… :0)
I’m glad I don’t have to make the two person pick!
Addem. found out from my boss, he has a few months to boost our sales or else. sounds like our store maybe closing. I need a new career and at 59 can’t run an air-hammer anymore…..
Thanks for the fun guys….


6 filip January 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

nice.. I am so sad atm because i can not afford to get it……


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