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by Taylor & Josh on January 27, 2010

Since we’ve started this launch we’ve been receiving some really amazing support from everyone who has visited the blog for TRANCED OUT. We’ve been working on this project for well over 6 months and that doesn’t even include the free content we’ve been releasing onto the blog.

We’ve had so many sleepless nights and to be honest there were times we almost felt like giving up on this project. Most people will never realize the amount of time, energy and work that goes into creating a physical product like our Home Study Course and marketing it the way we are. It has affected our lives in more then one way, but at the end of the day there is something that makes all the time and work worth it to us…The wonderful comments and feedback we’ve been receiving from YOU!

So after a long discussion between the two of us we’ve decided to share a few of the different comments, testimonials and responses we’ve received over the years and for this current launch. We also thought this would be a great way for you to get to know us through the words of other people. So check out what other people think about us? We would also love to know what YOU think about us as well in the comment area below…

NOTE: We are posting another awesome video in just a few moments. We’re going to teach you the Arm Drop Induction.  Click the link below to be taken to that video.

The Arm Drop Induction Training Video

Over my many years of hypnosis, I have met many people …and two of them are Taylor Sherman and Josh Houghton. Both of these young men have proven themselves to be reliable, hard-working, conscientious, and dependable inside and out of the hypnosis industry.

Few have reached out to fellow hypnotists like these guys have. They eat, sleep and live hypnosis all of the time. They have a passion for getting things correct and sharing that information. More than once I have had to lean on each of these men and they have come through with flying colors.

I would trust them and endorse completely any program or course they offer. If you require integrity, you will find two extremely dedicated hypnotists who know their stuff and will have your back.

-Rich Wilson Ch, Cht,
aka HypnoRich
“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know my satisfaction with the Instant Inductions class. Taylor did an excellent job of leading us through the material and is astonishingly fast and competent at them. I would recommend your course to any of my friends.”

Christopher Jopson
Logan, PA
“Taylor told us so much ‘had no idea’ kind of priceless information in a short amount of time that I ran out of my paper. He’s energetic, engaging, knowledgeable, and very motivating. His hypnotic skill is simply amazing and now I get to tell my friends how I learned hypnosis! Thank you!”

Janet Thomas
Cary, NC
Whether you are a new Certified Hypnotist or simply interested in this powerful technique I recommend that you take advantage of everything Josh Houghton has to offer. Josh has the ability to distill complex concepts in such a way to help you easily enhance your skills and help you be the best you can be.

Wendy Merron, Board Certified NGH Hypnotist
Certified NGH Instructor
The Center of Success, Wayne, PA
The only word to describe this audio is fantastic! This is literally the most helpful resource I’ve ever come across in regards to troubleshooting inductions. The attention to detail and the amount of effort put into this is tremendously apparent. These guys really know what questions and problems people are having with inductions, and they sure as hell know how to solve them.

It’s often hard to get in contact with experts who have the answers to the questions you need to ask as they simply don’t have the time to reply to everyone, but this audio does exactly this. It answers all the questions, gives all the solutions to common problems and makes everything as clear as day so you can start making improvements instantly.

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about hypnosis and serious about success. Josh and Taylor really hit the nail on the head with this one!

Ben Paul Forsyth
I am one of the lucky few that have a review copy of Tranced Out. I have not finished it yet so will refrain from saying anything other than I like what I have seen so far. What I would like to point out is I already know this is a brilliant product and you will get tremendous value from Josh and Taylor. These are bold claims from a person that has only known these two guys for a couple of months and then only by email. It’s a bold claim considering I have not even finished looking at the product, so let me explain how I can make these bold claims.

I know Josh and Taylor are passionate about hypnosis, they are completely focused on this project and they are dedicated to giving you the best hypnosis product available. They have given me numerous examples and have demonstrated all of this several times over in the few weeks that I have known them, but here is one example that stands out for me.

When my review copy of Tranced Out arrived I thought, like a good reviewer I would send Josh and Taylor an email giving them my first impressions of opening the box. And trust me, it was a brilliant first impression…I loved opening the box and seeing how much was in it, how well it was laid out, the professional manual. So I told the guys as much. Almost by return I got an email from them saying how they were going to improve it further. When they told me what they were planning, it all made sense, it would make the experience even better. They didn’t have to do this, it was impressive enough right from the start and tons better than most that I had seen, but that doesn’t seem good enough for these two guys. That is just one instance of many I have had with Josh and Taylor in the few short weeks I have known

I can’t yet completely tell how good the content is, I have not finished it yet. I can’t tell if this is the right product for you – only you can do that. What I can say is these guys will give you the best of themselves for
you. If Tranced Out is the right type of content for you then I already know you are going to be blown away by what these guys are just about to deliver.

Rintu Basu
Author of the
International Best Selling
Persuasion Skills Black Book
“Taylor Sherman and Josh Houghton are two of the most knowledgeable young hypnotists I know. These two men live, eat and breathe hypnosis and have dedicated their lives to studying the best practices of the best hypnotists in the business. Whether it’s NeuroLinguistic Programming, hypnotherapy or street hypnosis, these men scour the world looking for the latest and greatest information. When they start teaching, look out!!”

Sean Michael Andrews
I am excited about getting my hands on Josh and Taylor’s program. On a personal note, I know that they have been working on this 24/7 and from what they have shared with me, this is an extremely exciting program. You guys, I salute you!

Matt Sison
“Instant inductions are the ‘it’ thing in hypnosis – and up until now no one has undertaken the challenge to cover this massive topic in full. Josh and Taylor have stepped up to the market, and I cannot think of a better team to lead the way.

If you want to enjoy a complete course that will fill in the gaps and finally give you the understanding, knowledge and skills you need to use instant inductions in the real world with real people – you can be confident this course will deliver.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy – take my advice as a professional hypnosis trainer, and you’ll soon be doing the same!

Nathan Thomas
I’ve been following Joshua Houghton and Taylor Sherman on their blogs and other hypnosis forums more much of last year. One of the qualities that keeps me coming back to read their posts is how well they communicate. I always get the impression that they’re being genuine and authentic and they communicate their ideas in a clear, friendly and respectful manner. This was even more apparent to me while I listened to their new Troubleshooting audio.

Together, Joshua and Taylor speak about almost every potential point of failure when doing hypnotic inductions. They exhibit such good rapport with each other, letting one another speak and finish their points before adding to it or moving onto the next great tip. They cover extensive territory of many possible trouble spots with their enjoyable anecdotal stories from their collective experience, offering a wealth of tips and tricks in an easy and fluent manner. I really enjoyed this value-packed audio and I look forward to whatever they have to offer in the future.

David Eagle
I have been playing around with hypnosis for a couple years now. Although, I do not have a practice, I do use hypnosis to help others. I had the opportunity to study Taylor and Joshua’s “Instant and Rapid Inductions” course. And, was really impressed! If you are looking for audio and video perfection you may be a bit disappointed. But, if you are looking for useful information and great content that is easy to follow and fast paced with no frills or fluff, this is for you.

Taylor and Joshua provide a detailed explanation of the inductions, answer a variety of questions that may come to mind, and teach the fundamental basics. This is great for those who want to learn instant and rapid inductions, as well as the newbie who wants to learn about hypnosis in general. Great job guys!!

Cynthia Entringer
“I’ve watched many videos by experienced hypnotists explaining how to perform the various techniques. What I never received was the first hand experience. I knew Taylor from his Tranced Out blog and really enjoyed his articles on the subject of hypnosis. When I found out he was giving training, I jumped on the offer. At the training session, I got everything that I was missing – the hands on training and the confidence that comes with it.

We covered all the inductions and patterns as well as coming up with new techniques while putting others into a trance. It was a great experience and I came out of there knowing that I could perform sessions on anyone. I definitely recommend Taylor for anyone who wants to truly master hypnosis.”

Oleg Korneitchouk
Newark, NJ, USA
“Recently, I’ve been getting really interested in hypnosis but I couldn’t find a really good source to teach me what I needed to know to become a master hypnotist. Even though there are many books and videos out there, I learn best when I can interact with the trainer and where I can get hands on experience in the presence of a trainer.

I found out about Taylor through a friend and decided I would get certified through him. Training with Taylor was a great experience because not only did we go through every induction but he also answered all the questions I had about the inductions. The training session gave me the personal attention I needed to master my skills. I then got to practice the inductions on others and he would give me pointers to help me improve.

After training with Taylor I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable and I would recommend Taylor’s hypnosis training to anyone who truly wants to become a master hypnotist.”

Boris Sotnikov
Fair Lawn, NJ
“Taylor, I am very pleased that I was able to meet you. You are great, keep it up and do not give up. You have an amazing talent. At first I was very skeptic until you hypnotized me. Believe me I tried to fight it off but could not.”

Pius Kunz
Ontario, Canada
“For anyone who has heard Taylor Sherman’s mp3 on the power of because, I wanted to write in that I tried it and it really works! A friend of mine kept bugging me and bugging me to try to get me to do something. I kept giving him sentences as to why I wasn’t going to do what he wanted. Finally I remembered Taylor’s mp3 and I finally just said, “No, Because yadda yadda yadda.” I said “yadda yadda yadda” because Taylor said the reason shouldn’t make any sense for you to fully grasp how much power the word “because” has. And you know what? My friend shut up. He didn’t ask me anymore to do the thing. THANK YOU TAYLOR!!”

Minneapolis, MN
“Taylor and Josh will take you step by step with every possible induction that you can think of. I actually learned better ways to improve my current inductions and expanded my knowledge on other inductions. One of my favorite things is the way Taylor and Josh explain the Dave Elman induction. Another cool thing is that they have a bonus online feature where you can get tons of bonus content.

my FAVORITE part of this entire course is that if at any time you encounter a problem or a question about an induction, you can email Taylor or Josh and they will try to give you an answer. There are so many DVDs, I didn’t have time to watch them all in one day. This is THE BEST instant and rapid inductions course out there, so go and purchase one now!”

Jason Balinskas
Patterson, NJ
“Taylor Sherman is one of those unique people who has an ability to take tons of information and break it down into usable chucks which make sense and can be put into practice. One of my favorite moments from a previous training I attended taught by Taylor was something called ‘The Dual Induction’ It was the most unique experience with hypnosis I have ever had.”

Temika Lomax
Savannah, Georgia
“The seminar was motivational, informative and well worth the investment. The program is applicable to all hypnosis professionals. I recommend Mr. Sherman’s seminars to anyone who is interested in becoming truly skilled at hypnosis.”

Joseph Walters
Chantilly, VA

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1 John Gill January 27, 2010 at 1:41 pm

After watching with interest all the videos to date, I don’t need wish you well for Friday, because now that you’ve proved how good Tranced Out is just by the samples you have a potential sell out! Thanks for the last 2 weeks entertainment it’s been excellent. JG


2 Taylor & Josh January 27, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Hi John,

Thanks for the support and the warm words. It’s so nice to hear you are enjoying the videos. It takes a while to make them. You know, editing and stuff. So it makes it worth while to hear comments like this from you. If you ever want to chat hypnosis you know how to reach us.

To Your Success
Josh & Taylor


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